NBA open training hall for a further week, the league has set these rules
On April 28, according to US media reports, the NBA league has notified teams that if the location does not implement the home isolation policy, the team can open the training hall on May 8, which is a week less than the announced policy.The league also announced numerous requirements during training.During the outbreak, Griffin took his son to practice on the outdoor court.Picture / Vision China Recently, the NBA League allowed teams to open their training facilities for players in an orderly manner from May 1 with the replacement of the corresponding local epidemic prevention regulations.However, this policy of the league has been mixed among players, and some players expressed their opposition to the team.Opinions against the opening of training facilities come from many sources: some players believe that this policy will lead to unfair competition in the context of huge policy differences across regions; some teams believe that this policy cannot ensure safety.However, some of the support voices also have good reasons-while allowing players to train in non-team division training venues, it is better to put players under team supervision and train in relatively safe venues.According to everyone’s opinion, the NBA league adjusted this policy today.First, advance the opening time by 1 week to May 8th, and promise to adjust in time according to external conditions; second, make clear provisions on the number of trainees, whether to allow masks, distance maintenance, team management and other details.If the location no longer implements the home segregation policy, the team can open the internal training hall and training facilities, but can temporarily stop training in the non-team affiliated training hall.The team needs a senior manager to take charge of the health of the stadium and supervise the use of the training hall; at the same time, the training hall is not recognized by 4 players and 1 team staff; all players must wear masks except during training;The staff of the team must wear gloves and keep at least 12 feet (about 3) between the two.66 meters).Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Han Shuangming proofread Wang Xin