A football dream for you!After the Arab League players scored, “Kobe Bryant jersey”
Silva and his teammates showed “Kobe jersey”.Video screenshot Kobe passed away three days ago, the condolences to him continue.Silman, a player of the Amanhal Fakkan team, paid tribute to Kobe in a special way on the football field, and also realized Kobe’s “soccer dream”.In an Arab Gulf League match that ended early this morning in Beijing time, Khor Fakkan reversed Sharjah 2-1 at home.Silva scored the winning goal in the 78th minute of the game, came to the sidelines and his teammates raised a special jersey of the team to pay tribute to Kobe.The back of the jersey is printed with “Kobe Bryant” in English, with the number “8” printed on the top of the name, and “24” printed on the front. Both numbers are Kobe Bryant’s jersey numbers.The news of Kobe’s death was almost entangled in the basketball world, and it also made the international football world surrounded by grief.On the day of the announcement of Kobe ‘s death, Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar made a gesture of “24” after a penalty kick and paid tribute to Kobe.Kobe loved football a lot during his lifetime. He was AC Milan’s “iron fan”. He also received football training when he lived in Italy with his father.At first, he was trained as a goalkeeper because of his height and arm length. Later, Kobe became a midfielder with good foot skills.Bryant once said that Milan and the Lakers are lifelong love, “If you cut my left hand, red and black blood is flowing; if you cut my right hand, purple gold blood.”Editor Xu Xiaofan proofread Li Lijun