CBA Fujian men’s basketball team suffered an 8-game losing streak away 105:121 big score lost to Foshan
On the evening of December 3rd,, the 14th round of the CBA league started in full swing.Fujian Quanzhou Bank men’s basketball team lost to Foshan Rural Commercial Bank with a big score of 105:121 and suffered an eight-game losing streak.  In this game, Zhao Tailong, the first bloomer of Fujian’s outside line, continued to miss due to a back injury.At the beginning, the two teams had each other’s offensive and defensive, playing difficult and difficult to understand, but the Foshan team soon faced the three-pointer about Shi and Hatib to pull the score away.The Fujian team’s turnovers began to increase, and Foshan led by 10 points at the end of the first quarter.In the second quarter, the Foshan team continued to expand the score with more flowers, while the Fujian team struggled to support Lucas.In the second half, Fujian stepped up its offensive efforts and reduced the point difference to 8 points.Josh then scored 5 points in succession both inside and outside, helping Foshan to open the score again. The difference between the two teams after the first three quarters was still 14 points.At the end of the day, Josh soared three consecutive points, Foshan gradually expanded its lead to 22 points, Fujian has no counterattack since then, and Foshan won at home.  The last home loss to the Shanghai team, Fujian coach Zhu Shilong concluded after the game that the Fujian team’s defense is very bad, although outstanding during training, but often lost the chain during the game.In this game, the Fujian team’s poor defense once again made the opponent play very easily.Facing the Fujian team’s defense, the Foshan team had five players in double figures, Josh 32 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists, Hatib 31 points and 7 rebounds, Kravsov 18 points and 7 rebounds, Ju Mingxin 15 points and Ren Junwei 10 points.  Lost in this game, the Fujian team suffered an 8-game losing streak, 2 wins and 12 defeats since the start of the game, of which the home team has not tasted a win, only won two away wins in Jiangsu Tongxi and Bayi Double Deer.  The next round of matches will start this Friday, and the Fujian team will return to Jinjiang to host the Sichuan team with Ci Shiping.(Haidu reporter Zhuang Yiye)