680 athletes participated in the “World Joint Relay” of the Youth Olympic Games
闽南网8月27日讯 昨天,堪称世界联合大接力的8×100米混合团队接力赛在青奥村附近的青奥中轴线广场举行,由于比赛场地向公众开放,这项比赛更像一个大get together.  A total of 680 athletes participated in the relay race. They came from different events, including track and field athletes, weightlifters and swimmers. The teams were randomly selected.Because the athletes do not distinguish nationality, the sign on the front of each team is no longer the name of the country or region, but only the Arabic number representing the team number.  After the start of the game, the players in various sportswear flew back and forth on the field, drawing a beautiful color bar.Everyone is no longer fighting for the country, but for teammates.Although the pressure is not as great as in the official game, the players on the court are still struggling to move forward.The heroic postures of the players struggling hard attracted the audience’s unceasing praise: This is lively, just like the New Year.(Huangdu Special Reporter Huang Xuanxuan)