NBA announced the finals of the second game overtime 4 misjudged Zhan Huang walking Green foul
On June 9th, Beijing time (June 8th, U.S. local time), the NBA released the referee report for the last two minutes and overtime. The report pointed out that there were four misjudgments in last night’s game, all of which occurred in overtime.Match.James was a bit wrong. The first misjudgment was a jump ball in overtime. Drummond Green fouled Tristan Thompson.The referee’s report explained that: Green had too much contact with Thompson, which affected Thompson’s control of the jump ball.  The second misjudgment and the third misjudgment appeared in the same round.With 1 minute and 37 seconds left in overtime, James’ walking mistakes did not blow, and Iguodala did not blow against James’s thugs.  The referee’s report explained: James moved his pivot foot, and Iguodala had physical contact with many of him when James shot.  The last misjudgment is 45.At 4 seconds, Green fouled James on the ball.  The referee’s report explained: Green grabbed James’ front and affected him jumping.  Today’s referee’s report is a little later than usual, because the official NBA charter flight is prolonged due to the forced landing of medical personnel on the plane.(Zhang Haiyan)