FIFA: It is recommended to anticipate all international competitions for antiques originally scheduled for March and April
The Beijing News Express reportedly said that the FIFA official micro-news, based on the severe indicators of the existing total coronavirus, FIFA scores decided that the club ‘s general terms of allowing players to go to their national team for competition will be used in March and AprilInternational competition.Coronavirus has spread throughout the world, and relevant agencies in many countries and regions have imposed certain conditions on international travel.FIFA believes that under the current circumstances, ancient international games will not only bring potential health risks to players and the public, but also allow the team to affect the possibility of the game without changing the complete situation.In order to avoid potential health risks and maintain the fairness of sports competitions, FIFA proposes to propose all international competitions that were originally scheduled for March and April until public safety and hygiene can be guaranteed.The final decision on this proposal rests with the organizing committee of each event or the member association of the region.The FIFA World Cup qualifiers in Asia and South America have changed after FIFA and relevant regional football associations have negotiated.While maintaining close communication with the various football associations and related agencies, FIFA will carefully study the new period of the conflict event, and is confident that the solution can reduce the impact on each other.FIFA is working closely with relevant countries and international public health institutions, especially with the World Health Organization. At the same time, based on expert opinion, we believe that this measure and recommendation is the largest and most suitable and responsible decision.Editor Ni Yannan Source: FIFA