2016 Snooker National Championships competition signing Chinese player Ding Junhui Liang Wenbo played
The 2016 World Snooker International Championship (complete schedule schedule) will be held in Daqing, China from October 23 to October 30.After a round of qualifying rounds, a total of 8 Chinese legions entered the main round, plus the postponed qualifying rounds of Ding Junhui, Liang Wenbo, Mei Xiwen, and 4 wild card players (Xu Si, Chen Zifan, Yuan Sijun, ZhangHealth), there are a total of 15 Chinese players among the 72 players in the main stage of the National Championships.The Hawkins and Allen qualifiers in the TOP16 camp were disqualified, and Karen Wilson did not sign up for this tournament for some reason.  Ding Junhui played in the 2016 Snooker National Championship (data map) Liang Wenbo played in the 2016 Snooker National Championship (data map)    The total prize money of this national championship is 657,000 pounds, the championship prize is 125,000 pounds, defending the titleThe champion is Higgins (attachment: all previous snooker championships).In the quarter-finals, the wild cards/qualifications will use 6 wins in 11 innings, 9 wins in 17 innings, and 10 wins in 19 innings.以下为详细签表:2016世界斯诺克国际锦标赛比赛签表——选手对阵表直播观看:2016斯诺克国锦赛全程比赛视频直播地址 2016斯诺克国锦赛直播间/吧外卡/Qualification round 1st round 2nd round 3rd round 1/4 finals semifinal final champion Higgins Higgins 6-0 Higgins 6-3 Higgins 6-2 Higgins 6-2 Ding Junhui 6-2Ding Junhui 9-4 Selby 10-1 Sidney Wilson Sharaf Jack Jones Jones 6-4 Jimmy Robertson Gould Joyce 6-3 Zhou Yuelong 6-4 Joyce McGill Zhou Yuelong 6-3 Zhou YuelongStevens Stevens 6-1 Ding Junhui 6-2 Ding Junhui 6-5 Woklin Grace Ding Junhui 6-1 Ding Junhui Ding Junhui 6-5 Man O’Brien Dott 6-1 Wharton 6-4 DotdaHeidi Wharton 6-3 Wharton Trump Trump 6-3 Trump Trump 6-1 Trump Trump 6-3 Trump Trump 6-5 Burns Yuan Sijun 6-3 Yuan Sijun Zhao XintongFord 6-3 Ford Williams Xu Si 6-5 Wattana 6-4 Wang Yuchen Xu Si 6-5 Xu Si Gilbert Watana 6-3 Wattana Baird Baird 6-2Baird 6-4 Murphy 6-1 Michael White Song Shawa Fu Jiajun 6-4 Fu Jiajun Deng Yan Yan Bingtao 6-2 Murphy 6-5 Yan Bingtao Hul Murphy 6-4 Murphy Bingham Bingham 6-1 Bingham 6-2 Bingham 6-1 Bingham 6-5 Selby 9-3 Muir Zhang Health 6-3 Zhang Health Brecher Dell 6-4 Dell Carter Carter 6-3 Carter 6-5 Robbie Williams Maguire Maguire 6-2 Rod Laura Maforin Maforin 6-2 O’Sullivan 6-4 Holt 6-4 Celtic Shore State Building O’Sullivan 6-4 OlympicsSullivan Jamie-Jones Holt 6-2 Holt 6-5 Holt Carrington Wells 6-2 Wells Robertson Robertson 6-0 Robertson 6-4 Joe Perry 6-2 CypriotIrby 6-3 Lanes Hamilton Hamilton 6-2 Gary Wilson Joe Periccio Perry 6-5 Joe Perry 6-4 Higgin Ryan Demeta 6-2 Meta Pengfei Chen Zifan 6-3 Liang Wenbo 6-5 Liang Wenbo 6-1 Selby 6-5 Chen Zifan Liang Wenbo Liang Wenbo 6-5 Messiwen Lee luggage line 6-1 Lee Walker Mark King Astley 6-4 Selby6-2 Astley Boden Selby 6-2 Selby Selby 6-4 Davidson