[How to make delicious taro balls]_How to make_How to make

Meatballs are a favorite food for many people.

And the meatballs can be placed continuously after being fried, which is easy to store and very convenient to eat.

There are also many types of meatball fillings. When you fry meatballs at home, you can choose the fillings according to your own taste. Taro meatballs are a kind of delicious and nutritious meatballs.

So, how can the taro balls be fried to make them delicious?

Ingredients 600 grams of taro, 70 grams of white oil, the right amount of bread flour, filling materials: 2 tablespoons, 120 grams of peanut powder, 30 grams of sugar, 5 grams of sugar, 100 grams of white powder.

Mix and mix the stuffing materials together and set aside.


Taro peeled, washed and cut into pieces, steamed in a steamer and removed.


Press the taro pieces into a mud, add all the seasonings and mix well, and then add white oil and stir well.


Take out an appropriate amount of the material of method 3 and squeeze out the shape of the ball, and then use your thumb to squeeze out a depression in the middle.


Fill the filling material of method 1 into the recess of method 4.


Then use your thumb to slowly use the taro pulp around to seal and shape the depression into a ball shape.


After the outer layer of the meatballs is covered with a small amount of water, it is covered with a layer of bread flour and deep-fried in an oil pan for about 1 minute. When it is golden brown, remove it.

First step of practice two.

Taro dough is divided into 20 equal portions for use.

The second step 2.

Salted egg yolks are steamed in a steamer for about 5 minutes and then cooled and cut in half; the bean paste is divided into 20 equal parts, and the steamed salted egg yolks are wrapped for later use.

Third step 3.

Take the split taro dough from method 1 and wrap it into the bean paste and egg yolk filling, squeeze it into a round shape, moisten the surface with water, and then cover it with coconut silk.

Fourth step 4.

Heat a pot of oil and fry at a temperature of about 150 ° C into the pot until the surface appears golden yellow.